21. That’s No Moon! with Nightgeist Podcast

June 17, 2021

That’s no moon! In fact, if you still believe the moon is real you must be watching too much tiktok. 

We’re joined by Erica and Liana, the supposed humans from Nightgeist Podcast, to tell you about the moon and why it’s fake and hollow. (It’s also gay and protects us from the stupid mean sun). Were the moon landings fake on a real moon or real on a fake moon?! Science will never tell…but we did. 

Oh and then we fall down a literal rabbit hole, at the North Pole probably, into hollow earth facts. And you thought it was flat? Fools. 

This is part 2 of a conspiracy two parter with Nightgeist Podcast to celebrate our new collective- Nightcrawler Network! Hear part 1 here: Ep.128 Reptilian Conspiracies With Hex-Files 

It’s all about reptilians and is a must hear to make sense of whatever this is. 

Also the made up contest is real enough so send us your best arts and win smol prizes maybe

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